Featued: NBA 2K13 arrives on Android, SLAM DUNK from 2K games

October 4, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

The ever popular 2K games saw fit to grace our equally as popular mobile OS with their newest hit title in the NBA video game franchise, NBA 2K13. Basketball fans across the Android ecosystem just did the wave. Here it comes again. (I’ll admit I love the wave. There’s just nothing like the rush of being right in the thick of it.)  I was a never a huge fan of the NBA video games myself, I was always more into the NCAA football and madden games. Although I did play an impressive amount of NBA JAM, back in the day.

At any rate, this new game from 2K games seems to fit in quite nicely with the rest of high-end games that have been dropping onto android this year. Visually stunning graphics are afoot, and a heart pounding soundtrack from jay-z paired with a $7.99 price tag join the party. If it wasn’t enough that you could listen to one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time while you play a little ball on a digital court, how about we add in some lifelike commentary  from Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg so real you’ll feel like you’re sitting inside the stadium. You can even bring up memorable moments in NBA history in-game and log some major hours in multi season mode.

I’m sure most of you are asking how this could play on a phone or tablet. You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that it actually controls exceedingly well. It sports a one=finger control scheme that is specially developed for mobile devices to boot. So you can shoot three pointers from across the coffee shop floor, and try your hardest to improve Shaq’s free throw percentage all on the go. If you dig some NBA action and are begging to relive Kobe Bryant’s 81 point performance game from 2006, then run to the play store and pick this title up. You will not be disappointed. Unless of course, you hate sports games. Wait… is that Beiber? Seems even Android has the fever.

Play Store: NBA 2K13