Featured: Motorola taking us to the edge in the London next week

September 11, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So you know that Motorola and Intel event that’s taking place in London next week? Yeah? Well Motorola has just posted a teaser for that event reminding us that we’ll be going to the edge. So what’s this Motorola and Intel partnership? Well back at CES this past January in Las Vegas, Motorola and Intel announced a partnership that they would be building phones together. It looks like that partnership is starting to become a reality now.

Just last week Motorola and Verizon held an event in New York City showcasing the Droid Razr M, Droid Razr HD, and Droid Razr Maxx HD. After having such a quiet 2012, it looks like Motorola is turning up the heat on their competitors.

Who’s looking forward to these announcements next week? Any of our UK readers hoping for this new device being announced next week to be available on Everything Everywhere’s new 4G LTE network, which was announced this morning? Check out the teaser below.