Featured: Apple Slams Samsung with Antitrust Investigation

September 7, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


Apple just never seems to quit! They are giving Samsung everything they possibly have, and I’m pretty sure we are sick of it! When is someone going to take Apple down, or at least put them in their place? It would seem their recent case in the U.S. has given them too much confidence.  What’s the history here with Samsung and Apple?

First things first, this war is not just based in one central location, but all over the world! It starts in Tokyo and goes on straight to San Fran in California.

However, in South Korea, Apple wasn’t the main winning contender, both Samsung and Apple were found guilty and order to pay “small amounts” for damages to each other. The judge then ordered “injunctions” against those devices that were “infringing” in nature. The bad thing about the device ban? The “banned” devices are no longer on the market, so it will have slightly no effect on either Apple or Samsung.

The latest news on the forefront is this, the Fair Trade Commission, which happens to be the “country’s top antitrust watchdog” has opened an investigation on Samsung.  As the questions start rolling through your head, let me give you some insight on this new development.

Apple has filed a complaint with FTC regarding the anticompetitive practices and how Samsung performs them. It would seem Apple is out for blood, and it’s starting to make me angry. Let’s move on already! Apple is stating that Samsung is “abusing” its “dominant position” in regards to its patents. This is absolutely ridiculous! I think in all fairness this is Apple’s attempt to completely destroy Samsung, who just happens to be Google’s biggest “flag ship” manufacturer. So, in reality, what is this war all about? Is it really about fairness, and equality, or is it greed and selfishness?

Sources: Android Authority