Featured: International Galaxy SIII to Get Helping of Jelly Beans August 29th?

August 15, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Whenever a new version of the Android OS is released and subsequently Open Sourced by Google there’s a flurry of speculation as to not only what devices would get the update but when. This affects recent devices more than anything and big hitters like HTC’s One X and Samsung’s Galaxy SIII have a large following that not only want to see Jelly Bean come to their devices but, they wanted it yesterday. To this end, there’s always going to be rumors, some more substantial than others. This time around comes the rumor that the Galaxy SIII could well receive the update to Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, come August 29th. If the date sounds significant then go ahead and give yourself a gold star because, Samsung is holding one of their “Unpacked” events that should see the announcement of the Galaxy Note 2 and the Note 10.1. What would be nicer than releasing the update for your flagship phone on stage?

According to this latest chinese whisper, Samsung are waiting on some sort of approval from Google themselves. This delay from Google could mean we see another version of Jelly Bean appear, such as 4.1.2 or something else. Seeing as none of the device manufacturers have released an update to Jelly Bean it could well mean that Google are still tweaking things for a “Gold Release”, one such thing could be battery life, for instance. We’ve seen in the past, with OEMs rolling out Gingerbread from 2.3.3 onwards and 4.0.3 for Ice Cream Sandwich. If this is case, then look out for another push to the AOSP, as well. It sure would be good to see Samsung get in their first and hopefully change their poor update manner.

[Source: SamMobile]