Featured: Top 10 Best Android Weather Apps

May 17, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Here in the UK I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of rain, as such, I’ve been frantically checking the weather on my phone and tablet to see if the rain is ever going to stop. To that end, Android Headlines would like to present you with the latest in our Top Ten series with Weather Applications for Android.

1. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is one of the ‘big boys’ of the Weather app scene and it certainly lives up to its hype for me. The app does a pretty good job of finding the nearest town to my location. South Normanton as seen in the screenshot below, is the village in walking distance to mine. My – tiny – village of Pinxton rarely shows up in any app so, it’s nice to see that the nearest best is taken care of. The forecast(s) in the app are laid out well and the app comes with the option to leave the current weather in your notification bar in degrees along with a more detailed description in the pulldown, a very nice feature indeed. The only really annoying thing about WeatherBug is that the ads can be obtrusive however, there is “WeatherBug Elite” for paying customers that eliminate this and give you some extras that is well worth a look.

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2. GO Weather

As expected of the GO Dev Team this particular app not only sports a unique theme but a beautiful one at that. With the live imagery in the background of whatever weather you’re experiencing at the moment it certainly provides a stylish way to get the latest on the weather. The app comes with a number of configuration options and there’s even a Live Wallpaper app to go along with it if you like Live Wallpapers – incidentally, if you do you can check out our Top Ten here – that will keep this same imagery with weather info neatly displayed alongside it on your desktop all the time.

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3. Thermometer

This is a unique app amongst weather apps, not only is it simple it also looks good – its pin-point accuracy can’t hurt either now can it? Thermometer can tell you the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree, no small feat, right? Thermometer might not tell whether or not it’s going to rain in the next 2 hours but, what it does do very well is tell you realistically how cold or warm it is outside. An invaluable tool once you learn how to use it, the times when you pick the wrong jacket could leave you uncomfortably warm or freezing cold, after using Thermometer for a few weeks you soon learn what to leave at home and what not to. There’s always a paid version that removes pesky ads.

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4. Android Weather

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your weather without bells and whistles this is the app for you. Android Weather provides accurate and up-to-date weather info using GPS – it actually found my small, small village and was spot on, no rain for now – in a very stylish simplistic method. There’s not that much to be said about Android Weather but, I don’t think that’s a problem, it’s a plus. People don’t always want fancy graphics – they want their info and that’s it. Android Weather does this without skimping on the pretty and for that, I’d recommend you give it a go. As an added bonus, the widget aspect of Android Weather is very impressive, with numerous customisations.

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5. Rainy Days

Need to know if it’s raining or if rain is on the way? Then you need this, without doubt this is the best way to find out if there’s rain near you. It’s a fairly simple app as well – which is always nice to see. It plugs straight into Google Maps and uses this data to pin-point your location, it then overlays a radar of rain, along with a meter for reference, near you. The app is extremely simple and there are no hiccups, it just does what you want it to do, albeit with ads but, this is by no means a dealbreaker that puts such functionality at your fingertips for nothing.

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6. Weatherwise

Weatherwise is another app that comes with exceptionally unique UI elements, the whole app has a unique theme that gets across the weather to the user easily, quickly and best of all, pleasingly. Whilst the app didn’t ask me if it wanted to use GPS to find me it did locate my home village in a search with no fuss and it was very transparent setting the app up for my location. The app gives you localised details by the hour and for specific days of the week quickly and easily on the right hand side of the main screen. This is definitely one to try if all the others didn’t suit you at all, a fantastic little app.

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7. Weather Dog

This is an app developed by Orange Labs and it certainly does set itself apart from the pack, alright. It’s essentially a Dog being braced with whatever weather conditions you yourself might be facing. Whilst the app is light on features compared to others, it gets the essentials done right, it found me by GPS and displayed the correct weather flawlessly and quickly. Best of all, there’s a Dog on your screen, which seems to always lighten the mood for me when I see that it’s raining…again. Definitely worth a try if not just for some laughs.

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8. The Weather Channel

Would a list of Weather Apps be complete without mentioning the app from the Infamous Weather Channel now would it? The weather channel is a weather app definitely worth a look at, it didn’t locate anything too near to me but, the weather it was reporting was accurate and looked nice. The easy to use hourly breakdowns are useful and easy to access as well.

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9. 1Weather

If you’ve just got a new phone – or a rocking some form of ICS – then perhaps you want to carry the new Holo theme of Android 4.0 all the way through your phone. 1Weather goes a long way towards this, blending in well with Ice Cream Sandwich, right down to the black and blue and entry it’ll place in your notification area it sure is a pretty app. It’s not all looks though, the app carries a solid amount of features, the 48-hour forecast at my fingers is especially handy, if you’re going away for the weekend or planning a trip to the beach you want the next two days to be good weather and, hopefully this app will bring you that news.

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10. Met Office 

Last but not least I bring you the official weather app of the Met Office here in the UK. For my Brit friends this is an app that will inform you of a weather warning – you know, the same warnings you used to get a day off work last year? The app is well built and should be installed on any Brit’s Android device, it didn’t quit epin-point my location to my home village but, perhaps that’s my fault for living in the veritable outback? The app is solid and works well, with a no fuss interface that gets weather updates across flawlessly and accessibly.

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