Featured: Samsung’s ChromeBox XE300 get’s unboxed

| May 22, 2012 | 2 Replies

We haven’t heard much from Samsung over the past 5 months since the upcoming ChromeBox from Samsung made its’ first debut. Today, TigerDirect jumped the gun ever so slightly and listed both the Celeron model and the Core i5 model for sale via their online store. Sadly, the SKU’s have been removed over the last few hours.

All is not lost. Luckily, the guys over at GearWerkz managed to get a hold of one and provide the world with an unboxing video, which you can check after the break.

If you haven’t migrated to a notebook such as the Chromebook due to needing dual monitors, more RAM or a larger CPU, Samsung hopes to get you hooked with this Mac mini competitor. The ChromeBox packs a nice punch for being a little guy with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM and the ability to hook up multiple monitors. It’s a sleek, powerful computer, in a space-saving design.


CPU: 1.9GHZ Intel Celeron /Intel Core i5
Storage: 16GB Solid State Drive
USB Ports: 2x Front / 4x Rear
Headphone/Mic Jack
Video: 1x DVI and 2x Display Port
1GB Ethernet
Optional 3G (Verizon)

Watch the unboxing video:

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe we’ll find out more next month at Google I/O 2012. Until then, keep drooling ChromeOS fans.

Source: GearWerkz

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  • John

    Is that a miss print where is says core i5? It’s a dual-core Celeron B840 right?

    • http://www.gearwerkz.net Jay from GearWERKZ

      At the time I bought mine for this unboxing video, there was just the Celeron-based model for sale. In the time between me shooting and posting the video very early that morning and Engadget supposedly “breaking” this story, a Core-i5 model also popped up. Both were taken down as the buzz picked up that one had been sold.
      – Jay aka Zeuxidamas