Featured: Is Samsung looking to charge Apple head on with new retail outlets?

May 3, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz


It looks like Samsung is trying to deliver one more hit to Apple by launching more “pop-up” retail locations. This isn’t the first time these retail stores have seen the light of day. Remember back during the launch of the iphone 4s? They had opened up retail locations in Australia just down the street from the Apple store. Such a move was surely a play to hit Apple where it hurts and directly affect its sales of the 4S by advertising the hell out of the Galaxy S II.  A more centralized and focused approach to a retail tactic though seems to be where Samsung wants to put their efforts. As of late Samsung has opened up mini-store locations inside Phones4U retail outlet which are located in the UK,  and has made partnerships to open up similar retail stores in Canada.

During the Samsung Galaxy S III keynote, the pop-up store that Samsung displayed was a giant glass cube that had risen from beneath the stage in complete dramatic fashion. The idea behind this is obviously to make an impression, possibly in the same way they want to promote the new stores they look to open in the future. A spokesperson from Samsung was heard stating that retail shops would appear at “prominent” locations throughout London in the months ahead. If you think about Samsung’s success these last couple years with the launch of their Galaxy line, it makes perfect sense that they would try to expand its retail footprint. Analysts say that Samsung is number one in shipments for the global smartphone market. This is truly a huge feat and one to cause some very good press for Samsung.   (Samsung to expand its ‘Pop-up’ retail stores, directly taking on Apple?- www.theverge.com)