Featured: No Google Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich / ICS Android 4.0 OTA Update?

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The Android community is getting anxious in regards to the Ice Cream Sandwich / ICS Android 4.0 OTA Update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S and starting a petition.The update was pushed out to some in December but was quickly pulled due to a battery issue.Since then their have been no updates as to when we will see ICS Android 4.0 for Nexus S OTA pushed out.

I am having a hard time believing that the update was ready to go in December but a bug has kept the update from being released for 3 months so far.While new phones are being released with ICS and older phones are starting to be updated with the Android 4.0. When ICS was announced in October of 2011 Engadget was told by Google’s Gabe Cohen that ” the Nexus S will definitely be getting ICS” and “Currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S. Theoretically should work for any 2.3 device.” The Google Nexus One was not able to get this update as the hardware was pretty outdated but the Samsung Nexus S is far from being outdated. The Google Nexus S was branded a Google Experience phone that would receive the latest software updates. The lack of this ICS update in a timely fashion may have consumers thinking twice the next time a new Google Branded phone hit’s the market.Maybe buying a Nexus does not mean you will get your Android OS software update any faster or at all?

The Android Eco-system is still a mess with fragmentation, which had become a hot topic last year but the Google brass tried to sweep it under the rug and hide it like the red-headed step child.The fact of the matter is that even Google can’t fix fragmentation without a drastic change to the platform as they have no control over OEM’s and Carriers that are watering down the Android Brand.No set guidelines or rules to follow in terms of updates and support for devices is sure to leave a sour taste in consumers mouths and am sure in the future when the activation numbers start to slow down only then will things change.Until then Google allows OEM’s and Carriers to decide on how the phones should be updated but you would think Google would be a better example with their Google Experience Phone and put out an update in a timely manner rather than be part of the problem they are supposedly trying to fix.

So unless you root your phone, which only a small amount of users and hardcore Android fanboys do.It is time to email or hit the social media airwaves and ask Google, Samsung, and your carrier where your update for your Nexus S is? or will we ever see an Ice Sandwich Android 4.0 OTA Update?

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  • basmith7


    Here you can find the 4.0.3 update that you can flash from stock recovery.

  • will

    Thank you so much for running a post on this topic. All the other tech blogs seem to believe the update has happened. My nexus s is definitely still on 2.3.

    There is a google+ page trying to get an answer on the matter. That is all that most consumers want not 3months of silence!

    Please follow https://m.google.com/app/plus/mp/933/#~loop:svt=circles&view=stream to get some momentum behind the matter.

    There is no way to actually ring someone at google and get an answer which is ridiculous. Im definantly going back to a branded android phone or windows phone depending on apollo :(

  • Ondřej Skopal

    Hello, I am one of the “lucky ones” that received ICS update before it was pulled out. I jus wanted to say, that there are more bugs in the ICS than the widely known battery issue. Two more I experienced: widgets freezing (for example, email widget just doesn’t update when mail is received/ read), and exchange bug (all of a sudden, exchange starts to use extreme amounts of data, up to 150 mb per day). But what is much worse… Google failed to provide the affected customers with any feedback or support. Support forums are full of complaints about various ICS bugs, and all that was said in reply by support staff is “send logs” with no follow up whatsoever… Way to go google…

  • manu

    Great post

  • Jen

    Hey, don’t forget us Nexus S 4G users!

    Not like I have 4G coverage anyway…. But I really NEED the reported Reception improvements and my 2.3 email and gmail stock apps are horrid…

    The link to the G+ page didn’t work!

  • will
  • Tom

    These are “great” news and will result in people running to the iPhone. I am slightly angry that google is not even giving updates or press releases.

    I am still on 2.3 and I am thinking about a change.
    I bought that phone because of native android and latest update for the Nexus S user…

    Well done, google.

  • jason Swetland

    I am ready to ditch my 3 years of android ownership because of Google’s failure to keep their promise to upgrade my nexus s 4g device that I paid $200 for for the privilege of 1st to get new releases. Google apparently does not have integrity when it comes to their commitments and has abandoned me and tens of thousands of other people who gave them money. If this doesn’t get addressed by May I will be getting an iPhone and will never support android again. The nexus s 4g is my fifth android device.

    Google really failed with the Nexus S 4g and I will reccomend to all to hesitate before buying a Nexus device in the future and consider Google’s integrity when keeping their promises before purchasing a Nexus device. No matter what they say in the ads or promise to do, Google evidently doesn’t feel obligated to keep their word. I am sorely disappointed in their lack of communication, effort, and ability to deliver what they promise.

  • alex

    I just got the official update yesterday..I don’t know if it’s the old buggy one…

    • H+

      It’s a new update. I have been testing it for 36 hrs and I can tell you it is smooth and beautifully. My nexus S has never been faster and better.

  • Danielle

    my nexus s on ATT is still not running 4.0 and no one can seem to give me a time frame. Anyone on ATT in the US get this update?