Deezer for Android Hands-on Video [MWC 2012]

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Deezer for Android Hands-on Video [MWC 2012]

Being a US-based site, we hadn’t heard of Deezer before Mobile World Congress. If you weren’t in the know like us, Deezer is a streaming music service not unlike Slacker that allows you to access tons of music from many different labels.

For about 10 euros per month, you can search and listen to individual songs, albums, playlists and more. The app feeds you staff-picked and user-picked suggestions each week. You can also upload music you already own and play it back from the cloud.

Music can be made available offline in case you want to listen to something without a data connection. The service is available in about 45 countries in Europe, So…

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Deezer for Android Hands-on Video [MWC 2012]
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