Angry Birds Seasons Easter update and more headed our way

April 6, 2011 - Written By Marvin Ferrell El

The egg swiping pigs are at it again

The Easter holiday is upon us and of course you know that your favorite egg thieving swine will be causing trouble. Yes, Angry Birds Seasons for Android will be receiving a Easter update according to the Rovio twitter feed. If your one of the massive group of people who seem to be addicted to this little game then get ready to load the slingshot for a little pig squashing fun. Its safe to assume that this time the eggs will be dyed and maybe the Easter Bunny will make a cameo (one can only hope).

Updates Coming

Also look for the Angry Birds Rio and and standard Angry Birds games to receive updates in May. If you love the birds as much as I do this makes you very happy. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some pigs to go squash.