Samsung Wants To Frost Itself…In Diamonds!

| November 2, 2010 | 2 Replies

Samsung is at Gold Status, selling Over 5 Million (Yeah, that’s right) — 5 Million and counting Samsung Galaxy S Phones.  Just when we thought Samsung was a joke in the phone World, we are amazed and crave that Super AMOLED Screen Goodness and Vibrant Colors to go along with it.

Samsung is wanting to reach 10 Million by Christmas and with more devices set to launch soon, I can only assume they will shatter that number, which leaves many wondering what is in store for next year?

Samsung has really come around, and I am a proud owner of my Vibrant, and with Samsung on all Major Carriers, they have a great market and are holding strong and climbing, but let me remind you HTC is also in that big mix on ongoing battles with Motorola still peeking its Droid Head around as well.

Go Ahead, Samsung, frost yourself in diamonds, you have earned that status in my book already…Fist Pumps!

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