Stay up to date with ESPN Radio for Android

| October 2, 2010 | 1 Reply

App Name: ESPN Radio (Official ESPN App)

Description: Keep up to date with live audio streaming from your favorite ESPN radio stations, podcasts, game scores, and latest news.

How it works: The app launches with the last ESPN radio station streamed. The menu in the application home screen allows you to navigate from ESPN Radio stations, postcasts while displaying live scores, game schedules, and the latest news.

Opinion: The user interface of the application is appealing to the eye and the pull out menu on the right side of the home screen allows you to easily navigate. Also, the big EXIT button is nice to have when you need to cancel streaming.


● Speed (4/5) – No crashes or delays. (My 3G connectivity is decent).

Features (4/5) – This app delivers more than audio streaming, it displays live scores, the latest news, and game schedules.

Theme (4/5) – Classic ESPN look and feel.

Overall (4/5) – Fan favorite, keeps you up to date.


● Allows you to pick radio stations

● Podcasts

● News

Scores and game schedules

Cons: No Widget

Conclusion: The app does what it says it does, with additional features.

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