1/3 of Android devices are now powered by Froyo.

| October 4, 2010 | 3 Replies

It has been an interesting road but Android is starting to really close the fragmentation gap between devices. Above you can clearly see the effort that has been made by Google and the manufacturers to get that continuity happening with the Android platform. Even in less than a month ago the Froyo install base is up by 28.7 percent which is a phenomenal feet.

With the rate that carriers, manufacturers and Google working at this pace then Froyo should overtake Eclair within the next couple of months (come on Xperia!!!). Now all that is left is to address the Cupcake (version 1.5) and Donut (version 1.6) issue which I hope will be resolved over time.

I am sure that after the new Galaxy S phones from Samsung and the Xperia X10 from Sony Ericsson is taken up to 2.2 that market share percentage will increase quite a lot.

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