World Round Up: Samsung in Italy and China – Defy Video – New 8″ Tablet in India

September 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The Italian Job
We’ve not covered Italy much in this column which is odd for a country known for its sense of style. Well we can now rectify that with the news that both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S are due to hit the streets of Milan next month and for as little as €29 ($38) a month. Now that is stylish.

Now that’s one tough phone
You’ve heard that the Motorola Defy is a tough phone, right? Want to see just how tough? Check out this little video but be warned – its not for the squeamish.

Top of the Pops Chinese style
Analysys International are a Chinese internet market researcher and they have just published an interesting little list of which handset manufacturers are most popular in what is the fastest expanding market on the planet. I was not surprised to see Nokia at the top of the list with 29.3% of the market, it makes sense when you consider how long they’ve been around. What was nice was to see Samsung at the number two slot (18.7%) and Motorola in at three with 16.4%. These figures are based on Jan to Jun this year and place Apple’s iPhone at number eight on the list with a puny 5% of the market share.

Indian Touch Tablet
The Binatone Home Surf TouchTablet is the latest in a line of affordable Android tablets arriving in India of late. For just RS.9,000 ($200) don’t expect too much – Android 1.6 and resistive touch screen but its an 8 inch screen which is a form factor we’ve not seen before and, from the picture, it looks very slender.