TELUS to increase Canada’s Fastest Wireless Data Network Speeds – Up To 42 mb/s

| August 3, 2010 | 2 Replies

TELUS announced yesterday that “Canada’s fastest wireless network is about to get even faster!”. Using their state-of-the-art HSPA+ Dual Cell Technology, TELUS will push the limit of their ULTRA-FAST 3G+ wireless data network speeds up to 42 mb/s. Holy cow batman, thats FAST! TELUS is the only North American carrier to have successfully tested out the HSPA+ Dual Cell technology in its wireless labs, and are now deploying it to their commercial network.

“Once again, the entire TELUS team is proud to be a leader in the deployment of the most advanced wireless technology to Canadians. With the roll out of this new technology, TELUS clients with ‘Dual Cell’ capable devices will enjoy unprecedented download speeds that will support even faster wireless access to an online world that connects them with their families, social networking with friends, favourite entertainment and the freedom to meet their business needs when our clients are on the move,” said TELUS President and CEODarren Entwistle. “Canadians are amongst the most sophisticated users of wireless data in the world, and TELUS is committed to meeting their growing needs with the best technology available anywhere.”

Expect Bell to follow with an announcement, but the press release states that “HSPA+ Dual Cell technology uses advanced multiplexing techniques to combine two wireless data carriers, operating at manufacturer-rated speeds of up to 21 Mb/s each, into a single carrier with manufacturer-rated downlink speeds up to 42 Mb/s. New HSPA+ Dual Cell compatible devices that will allow customers to take advantage of the new network capabilities are expected to be commercially available during the first quarter of 2011.”

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