Solo Mobile to be re-launched as “Solo Unlimited”

August 9, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Wireless competition is getting tougher in Canada. Solo Mobile is relaunching their service as Solo unlimited in August. Canada has Rogers, Bell and TELUS who have already started lowering their prices to remain competitive. Then there are the cheaper tiers of service, Koodo Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Fido, Solo and Chatr.

It was officially declared yesterday during the Bell Q2 conference call that Solo Mobile will re-launch sometime this month and offer unlimited talk and text plans. No official word on what cities but most likely it’ll be where Mobilicity, Chatr and Wind Mobile are located: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa.

George Cope, CEO, said during the recorded conference call that “On Chatr, obviously it’s a significant competitive development. We will respond to that. Solo Unlimited will launch. It will launch in August. It’ll be competitive with Chatr and it’ll cost us no capital at all because it will go on our CDMA network where we’ve been moving clients off of CDMA to HSPA. So for us the unlimited won’t cost our shareholders any capital. It’s a development in the marketplace and we’ll, as we said defend our 3rd of the Postpaid market. And so we’ll be in the marketplace this quarter with Solo Unlimited.”

Competition is good. It drives prices down and gives customers a choice of carriers to go to.