More People watch TV on Android Than on iPhone

August 6, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Last week it was announced that Android sales had surpassed those of the Apple iPhone. Many critics were quick to point out that this is because the iPhone is only available in two flavors whereas there are an abundance of android models available. An analysis of mobile TV watching took an exact population sample from both Android and iPhone of 50,000 users and found that Android users watch, on average, 3 minutes more of TV content on their mobile phones. The study was done by mobile TV provider Yamgo who provides free mobile TV watching through a smartphone’s web browser. Although the technology still has a way to go in terms of quality and content, we are starting to see more an more people turning to their smartphone to watch TV shows. You won’t find any episodes of 24 on Yamgo’s service but you will find ‘Classic Goals’, Yachting races, guitar info and other fun time wasters.

The interesting question arises is how to stream content across a variety of mobile platforms? Yamgo went the way of the mobile web browser but in order to gain widespread adoption, users want a slick looking app. Companies are now having to develop apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, then on different sized devices, iPad, the soon to be blackPad, Android Tablet… all with their own unique SDKs. Again we run into the silo effect where all of the manufacturers want to promote development on their own platform. One glimmer of hope was the demo that we reported on last week of the Logitech Revue, a GoogleTV device controlled by the iPhone. I personally would like to see iPhone play nicely and allow AppleTV be controlled by an Android phone as well. And in a perfect world, be able to stream what ever content I have saved or tagged on either AppleTV or GoogleTV to my Android phone, iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet, as I choose. Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic but it is nice to dream sometimes.