Early Preview of TweetDeck for Android

| August 11, 2010 | 4 Replies

Phandroid.com got their hands on an early release of TweetDeck for Android. The much anticipated social networking tool is expected to release a beta version of their software sometime this week. Apparently the word beta is an understatement and according to the good folks at phandroid this recently leaked .APK is not ready for mass consumption. TweetDeck is a column based social networking app that allows you to manage multiple accounts including twitter, facebook buzz and more… Check out the photos below:

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  • MrSatoV

    Just please tell me there'll be a widget! I love the idea… I use TweetDeck on my PC.

    • http://scribblepeople.net Mike Corbett

      I don't know if we can tell you one where or another what there will be, so far there is no widget, but they said today that what leaked is an old build, so maybe a widget comes tomorrow

  • MrSatoV

    I used to like FriendStream when using SenseUI, but since I don't use Sense anymore… I'm outta luck for a social aggregator widget. Still, I prefer TweetDeck's method of displaying updates to any other… so it'll be a good thing either way.

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