Breaking News: HTC Wildfire Coming to Bell Canada?

July 17, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

One of our sources working in the cellphone industry sent us this photo of the HTC Wildfire being used for a current in-house Bell Canada Promotion for agents that clearly displays the HTC Wildfire in a current promotional Ad.While their has been no official announcement of the HTC Wildfire coming to Bell Canada this photo sure has us believing that this mini-desire like Android phone will end up in Bell’s line-Up.This phone could be released soon as part of the ‘back to school’ phone line-up .Now Bell Canada could just be using the photo for promotion purposes but we have a hard time believing that of all the phones they have in their line-up they would choose a HTC Wildfire which is not.

The HTC Wildfire has not been released in North America as of yet, HTC announced this phone  May 18th of this year and it has been launched in Europe on Vodafone, T-Mobile UK and will be launching in August in Australia on Telstra.Bell Canada recently launched The HTC Legend which has similar background to the HTC Wildfire in being it was only available over-sea’s at first.Telus Canada has announced it will be launching the HTC Desire that has not been available in North America as well.Seems that HTC is sending it’s foreign market devices to North America via Canada’s Carriers.

This will certainly be a nice addition to Bell Canada’s Android Device Line-Up and should put some heat on their major competitor Rogers Wireless to Bolster their lackluster Android device line-up.

Below we have specs of this phone and as well possible color combination that it comes in and as well promotional video from HTC and a link to the Official HTC Wildfire Website.