One Click to Root Your EVO 4G with SimpleRoot

June 28, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Rooting is nothing new to the EVO 4G, but don’t you wish it could be a little easier?Thanks to SimpleRoot, now it is! While the method is simple, all of the prep work for your computer is going to take a few more steps. For starters, you have to be running Windows and have Microsoft .NET Framework installed. Now you can start up SimpleRoot and you are greeted with three buttons.

Run through all three buttons and you will be able to run root only applications. If you Unlock Nand, you have the option to back up your entire system and can be restored easily if you don’t like the way things turn out. Flash recovery installs a recovery image which will allow you to flash custom roms. After going through all three buttons, you can enjoy full root access!